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The story begins over a decade ago when a microbiologist embraced her father’s passion for making cheese and put her knowledge and the imbibed passion together, to create cheese in the traditional method of manufacturing. Over the years this art has been mastered and improvised diligently and this gave rise to new flavors! But, to make cheese a component that will fit into Indian cuisine, the cheese was turned into cheese sauce and thus ‘SIMPLY CHEESE’ was born! SIMPLY CHEESE sauces come in exciting flavors to cater to every palate: from mild to strong to spicy to tangy, and more! Produced by blending handmade cheddar cheese of varied ages, 9 months and less, SIMPLY CHEESE sauces leave your tongue and mind longing for more. Easy to use, cheese sauces that add taste and good health to every meal!

Avatar Cheesy Tomato
Avatar Chilli Cilantro
Avatar Double Cheddar
Avatar Garlic Paprika
Avatar Herb Jalapeno
Avatar Tomato Onion
By Lakshmi Nagachandra My family is a big fan of cheese. When we tasted simply cheese, we felt this is the right product we were all waiting for. This cheese can be used for anything from parathas to toast. As a dip to pasta sauce. I have not come across anything like this. Thank you for making life simple with simply cheese
By Nitin M Raje For me the best is *Plain Strong Cheddar. Simply unputdownable. 2nd in the queue is *Cheesy Tomato*. The taste justifies the name. I would opt for *Garlic Paprika* for its taste & colour, though Garlic’s presence was felt only as an after taste. *Herb Jalapeño* is more herby & less Jalapeño, according to my taste buds.
This cheese is totally different from the other. and has taste of little fruity taste little sweety taste. and that what i liked much in it And its aroma is great. better than the others.